Hansen Supply Service Guarantee

From our humble beginnings, the Hansen focus has been offering great products and backing them up with great customer service. Just having the best products is not enough in this day and age to be known as the best, you have to have a nationally recognized team of experts trained in the use and application of all of our products. Our customer service representatives are trained around 3 basic ideas.

Listen: Listen to the customers’ situation and where they want to go. Help them come up with a plan to get there that is in their best interests, not ours.
Inform: Once you know the customers’ needs, inform them about our products and how they can solve their problems. Our representatives’ knowledge of our various products can be a very useful tool, and we make sure to let our customers know that our expertise is at their disposal.
Respect: Always treat the customer with respect. We are working with hard working people that are trying to improve their business, and have decided to include us in that process.

"When my son and I opened our repair shop two years ago, we were the only two people in the shop a lot of days. So to keep the front of the shop clean we started using True Grit before we went to the register. It’s so much easier to keep the counter clean now." – Darnel, Maryland

These basic ideas have taken us from a small town business to a national leader in the field of industrial chemicals. We will continue to improve and grow to make sure we continue to lead the pack, and we’ll take you to the top with us.



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