Headline about Hansen Supply

In 1999, the Hansen family decided to start a small business selling cleaning products out of a small shop on Main Street.

Once word got out about the quality of their products, word spread quickly. No longer running out of a small store, selling only to the locals, Hansen Supply is now distributing some of the best cleaning products on the market all over the county. The Hansen family takes a lot of pride in their products, as well as the company itself, always working to stay on top as the best the industry has to offer.

"Handling money all day is pretty dirty work,
so I got DermaGel for all my tellers and they love it." – Nicole, Kansas

Hansen Supply offers a wide variety of cleaning products to its customers, including our best selling all purpose cleaner. We also offer chemical solutions for many other issues, such as drain maintenance and heavy duty hand cleaners. We also carry window cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, tire shine, coil cleaner, car wash, and liquid hand cleaners. Hansen Supply has you covered whether you’re in a garage degreasing engines or in a bank sanitizing your hands after handling money.



toll free: 800-818-1237 • P.O. Box 526 • Owings Mills, Maryland 21117 • fax :877-836-8279

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